About Us

Since 1991, American Coated Products has been providing custom adhesive, top-coated and specialty laminates for the pressure sensitive industry. Manufacturing Expertise

  • Customized adhesive and coating formulations
  • Pattern and specialty constructions
  • Versatile and flexible manufacturing processes

Benefits to Working with American Coated Products Create new and higher-margin products

  • Reduce waste and total applied costs
  • Rapid development cycles
  • Superior turnaround time for custom products
  • Ability to supply low minimums or high-volume applications

An Investment in You

ACP works with industry leaders and clients to continually gather requirements and information on the markets we serve. By partnering with customers we develop new, innovative, higher margin products. By investing in a relationship with us, customers benefit from:

  • The leading provider of specialty top-coated, laminated and adhesive products in the market
  • Innovative specialty products that drive greater business value and differentiation
  • Quality, integrity, innovation and an added value