American Coated Products is proud of our film selection: From clear films to specialty films, and can guarantee the best quality and service.


Clear Films White Films Specialty Films Synthetics
2 Mil TC Clear Polypropylene 2.5 Mil Matte White Polystyrene 2 mil Metallized Clear TC BOPP 1.8 Mil White LDPE
2.0 mil Polystyrene 4 Mil Matte White Polyolefin 3 mil White & Hazy Polyolefin
2.3 Mil White TC Polypropylene 3, 4, 5, 7.5 Mil Laser White Polyester Polyart®
2.0 mil Clear Earthfirst™ PLA 2.6 Mil White Polypropylene 1 & 2 Mil Bright Silver Polyester Tyvek® 1073 D
2 mil TC High Gloss White Polyester Valeron®
Vinyl Overlaminating Films 4 mil Flex White NTC Vinyl 1 & 2 Mil Matte Silver Polyester
1 mil Clear TC Polyester 4 mil Flex White TC Vinyl V-Max®
2 mil Clear TC Polyester 4 mil SR White TC Vinyl Holographic Polyester Smudge Kimdura®
4 mil Clear C1S Polyester
7 Mil Clear C1S Polyester Direct Thermal White Films 2 Mil Clear Laser Printable Polyester