Release Liners

Silicone Release Liners

American Coated Products offers a large variety of silicone coated release liners. ACP provides a consistent, quality silicone release product to our expansive customer base. Our silicone release liners are manufactured using 100% solids silicone technology. This state of the art process offers consistent silicone release liner values and is compatible with most solvent, emulsion and hot melt adhesive systems. ACP silicone release liners are either thermally or UV cured, depending upon the substrate. Silicone release liners such as SCK’s and FBK’s are thermally cured whereas film and polycoated silicone release liners are UV cured. Our thermally coated silicone release liners utilize a platinum based catalyst; our UV cured silicone release liners utilize an epoxy based catalyst. ACP’s varying level of releases, ranging from easy to tight, allows our customers to find a silicone release liner suited to their application.